Covering domestic and commercial work, our team have provided damp proofing solutions for more than 10 years. Hundreds of contracts have been correctly and efficiently completed . Our surveyors have the experience and skills required to deal with your issues.

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Once you request our services, we provide you with an appointment window. This allows our team to visit your property. Measurements are taken of the walls and equipment such as infrared temperature probes, thermal imaging cameras and hygrometer probes are used. These machines test for indications of damp, humidity, and moisture.  Our team are very experienced in this industry and we are confident that we can correctly identify what sort of dampness you may be suffering from. Further tests can also be carried out throughout our service, including the use of Calcium Carbide testing.

Further Information

Our team are always happy to help protect your property. Read the following list for further details:

  • Damp is Caused by A Number of Issues. We Diagnose Them All
  • Our Team Promote the ‘Letting Buildings Breathe’ Approach
  • We have a "Duty of care" to offer best information.
  • We take payment by a variety of methods, including cash, credit and debit cards.

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