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Protect your home or business property from penetrating damp. It doesn't matter what type of construction your property is, we can offer cost effective treatments to help stop penetrating damp.

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp can be caused by a variety of external issues, ranging from saturated bricks (poor pointing) to defective guttering and pipe work to high external ground levels and even incorrect coverings (cement based renders, for example on older properties) on the external surfaces. Guttering and defective rainwater goods can leak and this water will penetrate into the fabric of the bricks where it travels laterally through the wall damaging internal decoration. Cement renders can be damaged or cracked allowing water to penetrate into the brickwork beneath where it again damages the brickwork and internal decoration.

External ground levels can be above that of any existing damp proof course where moisture can enter into the walls above the line of any damp proof course.

Our operatives can detect the cause of penetrating damp and then offer the correct solution to deal with it.

The Causes

Penetrating damp is caused by a range of problems. Take a look at the list below for some examples:

  • Broken Pipes
  • Defective and rain sodden bricks
  • Heavy Rainfall (poor pointing and water pooling against external walls)
  • Leaking Gutters
  • Poor Building Maintenance
  • The Age of External Facings (Old Brickwork or Rendering)
  • Poor Cementing Work

Can’t Find the Issue?

If you’re struggling to find the cause, our team are happy to help.  You are sure to find the right solution using our services

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