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mould and damp


High humidity levels (drying washing in the home, showering with no extraction system in place and cooking with no extraction to the outside), poor air flow and incorrect usage of heating can all contribute to condensation forming within the home. Even as we sleep we breathe out moisture laden air and we produce roughly the equivalent of 6 pints of water every day per person!

High air moisture levels within the home shows as moisture settling onto the internal surfaces on walls of the home, sometimes settling inside wardrobes and cupboards on clothing etc. These areas of space are called “stagnant pockets of air”. The mould spores which can be found floating freely in the air around us can then settle in this thin layer of condensed moisture and they will grow, often showing as black mould. This can be wiped away using bleach based fluids but unless the core problem is addressed then the problem of mould and its associated health problems will always return.

These types of mould are categorised as medium to severe with regard to personal health issues.


What causes condensation and mould?

Warm air inside the home will hold more moisture than the colder air outside and the warmer the internal air the more moisture it will contain (R/H%). When this warmer air becomes cooler, after the heating is turned off at night for example, or when it comes into contact with colder surfaces such as windows or colder external walls it cools and can longer hold onto the amount of moisture it has absorbed. The moisture then condenses out onto the internal walls and windows. This is known as the dew point and quite often this is incorrectly diagnosed as rising damp as it can stain the lower areas of wall mimicking what a lot of surveyors say is rising damp. Wrongly diagnosed condensing moisture can cost a great deal of money in applying incorrect remedial works.

As a general rule humidity levels within the home should be approximately 45% to 55% R/H. Above this, up to 65% R/H excess moisture levels can be damaging to health and above this, approximately 70% R/H and upwards mould growth can occur. When these moulds are seen it is important to correctly identify the type of damp which is causing this so that the correct remedial works can be applied.

Mould growth is recognised as being detrimental to health, with Asthma and associated respiratory illnesses having heightened symptoms.

It is extremely important to correctly diagnose condensation issues to avoid unnecessary works and costs regarding “rising” damp.

We find that the introduction of a good air flow throughout the property will help tremendously with the control of condensation and mould. After market systems (electro/mechanical) can be installed relatively cheaply, ensuring a reduction in humidity levels within the home. Reduced humidity will mitigate and dilute moisture levels within the internal air so much that condensation and mould will be a thing of the past.

All of our units carry a minimum of five years parts guarantee supplied by the manufacturer, with some even having a seven year guarantee. With all of our systems we are approved installers by the manufacturer.

Further Issues

During the night, air temperatures can cool and cause damp along your walls. The right ventilation systems can stop this from happening, and our team advise and supply you with the best options. Loft ventilation is provided, and we are proficient in dealing with both penetrating and condensing damp.

Penetrating Damp

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