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Count on our expert surveyors to diagnose and treat rising damp before it gets any worse. This menace is caused by a range of issues, and may result in structural damage to your property if left untreated. Luckily, our professional team has all the experience and skills necessary for treating rising damp, allowing you to rest easy. Don’t leave it to chance! Choose our reputable service today.

Rising Damp? No, it’s Condensation

If you are considering purchasing or selling a property and have had a surveyors report stating “rising damp is an issue” etc, possibly resulting in mortgage providers retaining many thousands of pounds until remedial works are carried out then let us attend and carry out the correct checks. We use calcium carbide meters which are the definitive means to determine dampness within walls. Our experience is such that rising damp is so rare as to be almost non-existent. No rising damp means no retention of funds!

We do make a charge for this type of survey but a little spent now could save thousands in the future. LET US PROVE THAT RISING DAMP IS NOT AN ISSUE!

Rising damp is a commonly used phrase within the damp industry but you may be surprised to learn that it is in fact extremely rare. Many times damp is diagnosed as being rising damp but in fact a number of different factors can and often do give rise to this misdiagnosis. It is recognised as being caused by capillary action within a solid medium (brick work, renders and plasters attracting ground water) but modern buildings will not suffer from this as they are built with a physical damp proofing course in place.

Older buildings can suffer from rising damp but again it is extremely rare and only occasionally will one find it in an older building. Older damp proof courses can sometimes be breached by high external ground levels, allowing moisture to penetrate laterally through the solid brick walls which older type properties are built with or rainwater goods (guttering, downpipes etc.) can be damaged, allowing rainwater to soak into the fabric of the walls.

Rising damp is caused by a phenomenon called capillary action which can best be described simply as “the movement of a liquid through or along the surface of another material”. It is not very common and condensing moisture is often mistaken for rising damp. Our operatives will ensure that the correct diagnosis is given.

Many times we receive enquiries about rising damp only to find that it is something else entirely.

Once you understand the underlying problem causing dampness then the correct remedial treatments can be applied, often requiring much less work (and expense) than you might have imagined.

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