Appropriate Mould Treatment


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Have you noticed the unwanted presence of mould in your home? Perhaps you’ve noticed the black spots start to appear in the corner of the room? Maybe you have found mould by the windows? If you want to ensure you are correctly diagnosing and treating mould in your home, we are here to help.


At Damp & Mould Control Ltd our surveys can set you straight and put you back in control


Mould will appear when the air is damp and musky, and there are certain elements that make mould thrive. Poor airflow and incorrect use of heating can contribute to mould growing, and it can be made worse when you factor in high humidity levels.


By taking some small steps such as keeping windows open, installing an extractor fan in the bathroom and drying clothes outside when possible can all help to reduce the presence of mould.


However, if you have already noticed the presence of mould, our team can offer a thorough survey to correctly diagnose. From there, we can then advise on the best course of treatment that takes care of the problem and prevents it from coming back.


To book our survey now, use the contact form and we’ll be in touch.


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