Call Upon A Damp Specialist In Colchester

If you are worried about the inclement weather and the reoccurrence of damp in your home, you have a duty to call a professional team about it. Not only can you discover the reasons for the existence of damp on your walls, but they will be able to provide you with the services you require. At Damp & Mould Control Essex we are regarded as a team of damp specialists in Colchester who are called to both domestic and commercial properties across the county.

There are a number of risks to not taking damp seriously on your property. Leaving damp on your walls can develop and transpire into structural problems for your building and mean even more money is required to repair your building. Our team of experts are also aware of the health issues that can arise from leaving damp to manifest itself in your property.

The above reasons are exactly why our team of damp specialists in Colchester are chosen to carry out diagnostics and treatments for damp across the area. Whether you have recently discovered damp, or you are concerned about it developing, our team will use a range of methods to put you at ease – either through correctly treating the damp or providing an expert diagnosis.

To discover more about our work as damp specialists in Colchester, speak with us today.