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Book a damp survey in Essex


Certain smells, spots or worrying about damp in your home can cause great stress and worry. Whether it is reoccurring damp in a certain area of your home or you are noticing it in a different room, our damp specialists in Essex are on hand to provide a professional diagnosis and analysis of the issues.

At Damp & Mould Control Ltd, our professional team have the experience and skills needed to treat rising damp, allowing you to ease your worries.


Whilst rising damp are words that many fear, more often that not it can be something much less sinister. By taking the time to perform a survey, we can break down the issue and correctly diagnose the problem. In doing so, we can potentially save you thousands of pounds and give you peace of mind.


We appreciate that seeing the signs of rising damp can be worrying for both your home and your health, however we are here to help.


During our years working in the industry, our team have become a leading service for homeowners and businesses looking to get the facts. If you would like to find out more about our damp specialists in Essex, get in contact with us today.


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