Expert Damp Proofing Romford

Get ahead of the damp and mould in your building with Damp and Mould Control Essex, our team of trust-worthy experts will not only isolate and identify what type of damp you’re getting, but also take care of the source of the damp. Damp proofing your building and helping you and your household get back on track with healthy lives.

As opposed to stringing you along with unnecessary intrusions and costly treatments, we pride ourselves on quickly finding an effective solution to your damp problem, then taking care of it a competitive rate, in a timely manner.

Taking Care of all Manners of Mould

It can be difficult to identify the type of damp you have in your building, it’s common to misidentify some moulds and damp as ‘rising damp’, resulting in you getting insufficient treatment from other Damp and Mould companies. Not just do we recognise ‘rising damp’ and take care of it, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you get the right treatment that takes care of all variety of damps and moulds that can pop up in your home.

To find out more about the many services we provide, and get your household healthy and comfortable again, simply get in contact by filling out the provided form here. Alternatively, give us a ring on: 01371 395 951.


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