Find Support For Your Penetrating Damp Troubles In Essex

One of the most important elements of a building is the continual integrity of the structure. The wood and brickwork that makes up the main bulk can, however, become susceptible to damp.

There are many ways that damp can begin to form beneath the surface, and it can lead to a great number of problems for your home. If you suspect any type of damp in your home, it’s vital that you secure the services of a specialist.

At Damp & Mould Control Essex we are damp experts with vast experience handling all types of damp. One of the most prevalent types is that of penetrating damp – also known as lateral damp.

What is penetrating damp?

Essential penetrating damp does what it says. Moisture and damp penetrate the structure of your building. Over time this moisture will cause problems for the fabric of your property, leading to costly restructuring requirements. 

Our team have the ability to offer professional damp surveys which will outline a number of things, including:
· What damp or mould problem do you have?
· Where is the problem stemming from?
· What is the reason behind the damp?
· How can you protect your home against penetrating damp?
· What needs to be done to improve your structure following a bout of penetrating damp?

To start the process and to get to the bottom of your problems relating to penetrating damp, speak with our team today.