How To Treat Penetrating Damp For Your Essex Home


Penetrating damp is something that can happen to any home and can have a wide range of problems relating to your property and its integrity. The walls, roofing or even below the surface can all be affected by penetrating damp. It is something that needs to be sorted out from the source.

At Damp & Mould Control Essex we are a leading provider of help for homeowners who are worried about the development of penetrating damp. Fortunately, our team at Damp & Mould Control Essex are able to ensure that those water patches and marks on your walls can be treated over time.

How we can help to identify penetrating damp and find a solution in Essex?

Our damp diagnosis will help to find out the exact problems. These can manifest themselves in a wide range of ways from rotting woodwork, damaged plaster and mould growth through to wet or decaying skirting boards.

Once we identify the problem, we will find out what is causing the issue. Throughout our years in the business, we have identified problems relating to:
· Leaking gutters
· Poor pointing causing rainwater to enter
· Broken pipes
· The age of external surfaces
· Poor cementing or defective brickwork

We will then work with you to understand the causes and create a plan of action to remove penetrating damp from your home in Essex for good.
To find out more about our work at Damp & Mould Control Essex, get in contact with us today.


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