Three Reasons To Choose Our Mould Treatment

Now that the windows are almost certainly shut for the rest of the year, you may have noticed patches of condensation on your windows. This is completely natural but when this starts to occur on your walls and mould begins to appear, you will need a professional team to help remove it and ensure that it doesn’t return. There are many reasons why mould treatment from our team at Damp & Mould Control Essex is chosen to help domestic and commercial properties across the county, and you’ll find three below.

We will visit your property to provide a professional assessment of your mould, the stage it is at and what has caused it. Following this, we are able to use our vast array of services to fix the issue. Here are three reasons to choose our team at Damp & Mould Control Essex:

1. Many locations across Essex: Whether your property is in Colchester, Brentwood, Romford, Billericay or Braintree or even Ware, Hertford and Harlow, we can provide our services.
2. We head for the causes, not only to clear the damage: Our job is not to identify the problems. Our team provide our mould treatment by looking for the causes.
3. Stop the spread and provide advice: After providing you with the answers, we will impart our years of experience to helping you stop mould in your property.

To find out more about our mould treatments at Damp & Mould Control Essex, get in contact with us.