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Damp and mould are not only unpleasant to look at, they’re bad for your health and lead to damage to your property.  Toxins from black mould are one of the most serious side effects of damp walls. They can be extremely damaging to your health if you live with them for too long, leading to problems like tonsillitis and bronchitis and even pneumonia.


People often suffer from cold and flu-like symptoms when they live in close proximity to this type of mould.


If you have problems with damp walls, you’re much more likely to suffer from respiratory problems. It’s therefore crucial to have damp proofing at your property in Cambridge if it shows any signs of this issue.


Our expert team carry out expert damp proofing at properties throughout Essex and the surrounding locations.


We offer a range of different solutions to permanently solve the problem at hand. Our specialists will always find the exact source of the damp and deal directly with the issue, rather than just using products to cover up the problem.


We pride ourselves on both first-class workmanship and customer service at all stages of a project.


If you need damp proofing at your property in Cambridge, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.


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