Damp Removal Halstead


Our team at Damp and Mould Control Essex are more than prepared to tackle all of the damp issues that may be taking over your home. It can be difficult to know where to start, with lots of conflicting information on the internet.

We at Damp and Mould Control Essex are a dedicated and friendly team, who will give you straight-forward insight into damp, and inform you on the type of damp you’re dealing with, as well as the means of treating it.

You’ll be able to prevent structural issues and maintain the aesthetic of your home through our high-quality services. We seek to diagnose the cause of damp within your home, helping you to damp proof your household or property, as to ensure that damp does not occur in the future.

By being able to identify dampness in your home, as a result of the insight from our team, you’ll be able to save thousands of pounds in potentially unnecessary remedial treatments.

By utilising the latest equipment, we can take care of the mould and damp within your building. Whether it’s stuck up in the corner of the room, or spreading down throughout the walls, you can rest assured knowing our dedicated team will get the job done.

To get started with our Damp Removal in Halstead and the surrounding areas. Simply give our team a ring on the number: 01371 395 951.

Or alternatively, leave us a message via the provided form online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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